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Hail Damage Repair

In 2016, the Colorado Springs area had over 70 reports of hail. If you were one of many people that experienced the 2 inch to 2.5 inch hail in the last month, you may have residual damage. A Aardvark Roofing Inc. has been the trusted name in roofing in Colorado Springs, CO since 1997. When you need a roofing contractor to repair hail damage and to protect your roof from future abuse, we're who you call.

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Hail Damage Prevention

Without a strong foundation, everything fails. Your roof's strongest asset is the sheathing. If your sheathing has been lifted due to wind storms or improper nailing during installation, we can replace your sheathing and moisture barrier. We reinforce your gables and re-tile your damaged shingles with an impact-resistant variety to make your home hail-proof.
Roof - hail damage repair in Fountain CO
Hail on the Roof - hail damage repair in Fountain CO
Hailstone - hail damage repair in Fountain CO